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Print Shop – Industrial Ambiance SFX Pack

Explore the Mechanical Symphony of “Print Shop.” This sound collection brings you inside a large industrial print shop, offering a diverse range of sounds from printing machines to unique subsonic effects captured with contact microphones. Perfect for projects requiring detailed and authentic industrial soundscapes.

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The Print Shop

Is a huge collection of Print Shop Ambiences..


We got into close contact

and recorded with contact microphones beside stereo ORTF


Ambiences & Machine Drones

from warehouse to the shop floors


82 Stereo

in High Resolution Audio (24/96)

Print Shop – Industrial Ambiance SFX Pack

Description: Delve into the bustling world of print media with our “Print Shop” Sound Collection. This pack offers an extensive array of sounds captured in a large industrial print shop. From the rhythmic clatter of printing machines to the unique subsonic frequencies captured by contact microphones, this collection is a goldmine for sound designers and audio professionals.


  • A rich assortment of sound effects and ambiences from a big industrial print shop.
  • Includes recordings of 4 different printing machines, providing a variety of mechanical sounds.
  • Ambiances recorded in ORTF, capturing the essence of the print shop environment.
  • Unique subsonic sounds recorded with two contact microphones, adding depth and texture.
  • All sounds are tagged with Soundminer-friendly metadata for easy searching and organization.
  • Available in 4 different sizes and qualities to suit various project needs.

Perfect for: Sound designers and audio professionals looking to add industrial and mechanical soundscapes to their projects, as well as filmmakers and multimedia creators seeking authentic print shop ambiences.


Product Variations

Nearly Free

  • 6 stereo files
  • 128kbit/mp3
  • metadata


  • 50 stereo files
  • 16bit/44.1khz
  • metadata
  • Files List



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Product Audio Preview

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