Desolated Strings & Wood

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Discover the Haunting Sounds of “Desolated Strings & Wood.” This collection features the unique and resonant sounds of a desolate Markneunkirchen Zither from Wernitzgruen. Ideal for projects requiring rare and atmospheric string sounds, this library captures the essence of an aged instrument played with intense emotion. A must-have for sound designers and musicians seeking distinctive audio textures.

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Desolated Strings & Wood

We found a abandoned Zither


And we mangled the hell out of it

to provide some really interesting and unique stuff.


This Zither

had a new destiny..


And we

gave it a chance

Desolated Strings & Wood – The Markneunkirchen Zither Collection

Description: “The Soundcatcher” is excited to present our latest sound design library, “Desolated Strings & Wood.” This unique collection features the sounds of a Markneunkirchen Zither from Wernitzgruen, discovered in a remarkably desolate condition. We’ve meticulously recorded the raw and resonant sounds of this instrument, capturing the essence of its aged strings and wooden body as it was played with intense energy and emotion.


  • Features the unique sounds of a desolate Markneunkirchen Zither from Wernitzgruen.
  • Recorded with high-quality equipment to capture the intricate details of the instrument.
  • Perfect for sound designers and musicians looking for rare and distinctive string sounds.
  • Ideal for adding a haunting and atmospheric quality to any project.
  • A valuable addition to any sound library, offering a range of textures from this unique instrument.

Perfect for: Sound designers, musicians, and composers seeking unique and haunting string sounds for their projects, as well as filmmakers and game developers looking to add a distinctive auditory element to their work.



Product Variations


  • 436,6MB / 117 stereo files
  • 24bit/96khz
  • metadata
  • Files List


  • 1,48 GB / 272 stereo files
  • 24bit/96khz
  • metadata
  • Files List


  • 2,71 GB / 653 stereo files
  • 24bit/96khz
  • metadata
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  1. wolfie

    I just bought the “Desolated strings & wood” library and wow, it’s gorgeous! I was waiting for this kind of weird, dislocated sounds for a long time.
    If you like mangling samples with rich harmonic content, or if you are looking for very detailed and organic sounds, so this library is just great for that.
    Thumbs up to The Soundcatcher!
    Jean Loup Killian (musician, composer)

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