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Paperlife – Diverse Paper and Cardboard Sound Effects with Sound-Designed Elements

Step into the Inventive Soundscape of Paper and Cardboard with “Paperlife.” This expansive sound archive is not just a collection of natural paper and cardboard sounds, but also includes creatively sound-designed elements, making it an invaluable resource for those seeking both authenticity and innovation in their auditory projects. From the subtle rustle of paper sheets to the dynamic crunch of cardboard, enhanced with imaginative sound design, “Paperlife” offers:

  • A wide array of natural and sound-designed effects from paper and cardboard, including folding, ripping, rustling, crackling, swishing, and more.
  • A blend of unique, everyday, and creatively enhanced paper and cardboard sounds for diverse and versatile use.
  • High-fidelity recordings capturing the intricate details of paper and cardboard, along with imaginative sound-designed elements.
  • Ready-to-use handling noises and sound-designed effects for immediate integration into your projects.
  • Comprehensive metadata embedded in all files for easy navigation and application.

Perfect for adding depth, texture, and creativity to audiovisual projects, theater productions, podcasts, and any artistic work requiring the distinct and enriched sounds of paper and cardboard. “Paperlife” invites you to explore a world where the ordinary becomes extraordinary through the art of sound design.

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1300+ high definition paper sound effects

Paperlife – Diverse Paper and Cardboard Sound Effects

Description: Unleash the unique and often overlooked sounds of paper and cardboard with our “Paperlife” Sound Archive. This extensive collection is a treasure trove of paper-based sound effects, meticulously crafted for sound designers, filmmakers, and creatives who seek to add texture and realism to their projects.


  • A vast array of paper and cardboard sounds, including folding, ripping, rustling, crackling, swishing, whooshing, flapping, turning, throwing, and sizzling.
  • Carefully curated to include both unusual and everyday paper sounds, ensuring versatility and ease of use in various applications.
  • High-quality recordings that capture the essence and subtlety of paper sounds.
  • Ready-to-use handling noises for immediate application in your projects.
  • All files are equipped with burned-in metadata in open standards like iXml, BWAV, ID3 Chunk, and OSX Tags for easy sorting and use.

Perfect for: Adding depth and authenticity to audiovisual projects, theater productions, podcasts, and any creative work that requires the distinct texture of paper sounds. Explore “Paperlife” and bring a new dimension to your soundscapes with the rich and varied sounds of paper and cardboard.


Product Variations

Medium 44.1khz

  • 1300+ sfx
  • 110 minutes
  • 16bit/44.1khz
  • 594,9 GB (unzipped)
  • embedded iXML Metadata
  • Files List

Full 96kHz

  • 1300+ sfx
  • 110 minutes
  • 24bit/96khz
  • 1.92 GB (unzipped)
  • embedded iXML Metadata
  • Files List

Product Video

Paperlife – The Story Behind the Unique Sound Archive
Description: Discover the captivating origins of the “Paperlife” Sound Archive, a project born from a blend of art, architecture, and sound design. This collection’s roots lie in an architectural mapping project on the Castle in Karlsruhe, Germany, where the fusion of visual and auditory elements created a world entirely from paper.


  • Originated from an architectural mapping project at the Castle in Karlsruhe, Germany.
  • Curated by ZKM ‘Center for Art and Media’, showcasing a unique blend of art and technology.
  • A complete world crafted from paper, both visually and in sound, highlighting the versatility and creativity of paper as a medium.
  • All sounds in the collection are authentically created from paper and cardboard, offering a pure and organic auditory experience.
  • An example from the project is provided below, showcasing the innovative use of paper sounds in a real-world application.

Perfect for: Sound designers, artists, and creatives who appreciate the intersection of art, history, and sound. “Paperlife” is not just a sound archive; it’s a testament to the creative possibilities of everyday materials. Dive into this unique collection and experience the story of “Paperlife”, where paper transcends its ordinary role to become an immersive and imaginative world of sound.


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