LiquidMetal – Waterphone

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Unleash Fear with “LiquidMetal – Waterphone.” This unique SFX pack contains 108 stereo files of the authentic Waterphone, expertly recorded to produce eerie, suspenseful, and deeply unsettling sounds. Ideal for horror and suspense projects, this collection is perfect for creating an atmosphere of fear and tension. Comes in convenient zip packages for easy downloading.

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The Waterphone

with it´s unique Sound Effects!


Liquid Metal Waterphone

is a unique collection from the original Waterphone by the legendary Mr. Richard Waters


This Instrument is so unique

with it´s eerie and amazingly deep sounds and tones

LiquidMetal – Waterphone: The Ultimate Horror SFX Pack

Description: “The Soundcatcher” brings you “LiquidMetal – Waterphone,” a one-of-a-kind sound effects pack designed to elevate your horror and suspense projects. This collection features the authentic sounds of the real Waterphone, created by Richard Waters, whose permission we proudly have to use the name “Waterphone” for this package. Dive into a world of eerie, suspenseful, and deeply unsettling sounds, perfect for instilling fear and tension in your audience.


  • Contains 108 stereo files of unique Waterphone sounds.
  • Expertly recorded techniques include hitting, rattling, bowing, snapping, and swashing for a variety of eerie effects.
  • Perfect for horror and suspense projects requiring deep impact, eerie, and modulating sounds.
  • Officially named “Waterphone,” with permission from the instrument’s creator, Richard Waters.
  • Ideal for sound designers, filmmakers, and anyone looking to add a unique and terrifying auditory experience to their projects.

Perfect for: Sound designers and audio professionals in the horror and suspense genres, filmmakers seeking to create an atmosphere of tension and fear, and anyone needing unique and deeply impactful sound effects.


Product Variations


  • 590,2 MB / 108 stereo files
  • 24bit/48khz
  • metadata
  • Files List


  • 2,71 GB / 263 stereo files
  • 24bit/96khz
  • metadata
  • Files List

Product Video

Product Audio Preview

  1. Sonicsalute

    Got the full pack of this great library. 2.7Gb, of pure awesome, and greatly recorded water phone sounds. Drag n drop ready exellent, for an eerie atmosphere Im working on. So many different tones and hits. Can really recommend this one!

    Verified purchase. Find out more

  2. eenixon

    Prior to downloading, I watched the Vimeo video clip about Waterphone. It was evident that the person ‘playing’ the instrument was not a trained percussionist. If you had actually used a trained percussionist to make these recordings — assuming you didn’t — the sounds would have been different and, in my opinion, much more… focussed. A percussionist would have discovered almost immediately, how / where and in what way to hit, stroke, rattle and otherwise excite this fascinating instrument. (It _is_ an instrument after all, right?)

    Verified purchase. Find out more

    • the sound catcher

      Hi. Thanks for your comment. you’re absolutely right. The person who was playing the instrument is not a percussionist. As a recordist and sounddesigner my target for this and all libraries is to grapple with the medium itself. I did a lot of research to find out how to play the instrument. And i found out, that even advanced players of the waterphone didn’t play much different than me. This instrument doesn’t allow much different styles of playing. My target was also to experiment with this medium and to sample single tones. I didn’t play sequences. What you get in the pack are single tones, hits and bowed sounds in many different styles, variations and dynamics. What you see in the Video are not all sounds for shure. What you see is only a really small overview. Also it was not a target to get the best Waterphone playing. I wanted to sample something that is unique and good for designing weired deep and eerie athmospheres.

      For exsample: As you also can see in the “Desolated Strings & Wood” Library, i’m also not able to play a Zither correctly 🙂 maybe that’s the cause, because it’s broken. But that is exactly what i want from my libraries. Unique and hard to find sounds, that not everyone will get everywhere !! This is what the Soundcatcher brand stands for.

  3. Jorge

    I’ve been using these samples and wanted to mention how great they sound. The recordings are absolutely astonishing and inspiring! Thank you for creating this!

    Verified purchase. Find out more

    • Andreas

      Thank you so much. Good to know, that these sounds are usefull and inspiring!

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