Antique Mills

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Ancient Mills – Timeless Sounds from 1529 and 1699

Explore the Echoes of History with “Antique Mills.” This sound collection offers a unique auditory journey into two ancient mills: a water spelt mill from 1529 and a tannery from 1699. Recorded in high-resolution 24Bit/96kHz audio with a Sound Devices 702T and Sennheiser 8040 Mics, these sounds capture the essence of centuries-old machinery and waterworks. Each file is meticulously tagged with metadata for seamless integration. Ideal for projects requiring authentic, historical soundscapes.

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Antique Mills – Timeless Sounds from 1529 and 1699

Description: Journey back in time with the “Antique Mills” Sound Collection, a unique auditory exploration of two historical mills. The Soundcatcher brings to life the sounds of a water spelt mill from 1529 and an antique tannery powered by a massive water wheel from 1699. These mills, still operational, offer a rare glimpse into the past, with their sounds preserved for centuries.


  • Authentic recordings from two historical mills: a water spelt mill (1529) and a tannery (1699).
  • High-resolution audio captured in 24Bit/96kHz, ensuring the finest sound quality.
  • Recorded using a Sound Devices 702T with Sennheiser 8040 Mics in Mono and ORTF Stereo, capturing every detail.
  • A rich collection of sounds, from the gentle flow of water to the mechanical workings of ancient machinery.
  • All files come with burned-in metadata in iXml, BWAV, ID3 Chunk, and OSX Tags for easy integration and use.

Perfect for: Historians, sound designers, filmmakers, and anyone fascinated by the acoustic heritage of ancient machinery. The “Ancient Mills” Sound Collection is more than just a sound library; it’s an auditory journey through time, capturing the essence of centuries-old craftsmanship and industry.


Product Variations


  • 65 files from 0:13 – 3:28 min
  • 724,1 MB
  • 16bit/44100khz
  • iXML, BWAF, ID3, OSX Tags
  • Files List


  • 65 files from 0:13 – 3:28 min
  • 2,36 GB
  • 24bit/96khz
  • iXML, BWAF, ID3, OSX Tags
  • Files List

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