Analog TV

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Experience the Authentic Sounds of the 1980s with “Analog TV.” This unique sound library features 99 mono files dedicated to the Tele Star 4004 TV, a classic model built in the 1980s in Leningrad, Russia. Recorded using the high-quality Sennheiser MKH8040 into the Sound Devices 7series recorder, these files offer the best in audio fidelity at 24 Bit and 192 kHz. The collection includes a variety of noises, frequency glitches, short pulses, and long frequency sweeps across the VHF and UHF bands. Additionally, it features a range of static noises and intriguing, otherworldly sounds that seem to come straight from outer space. Perfect for projects requiring genuine, retro TV sound effects with a touch of the extraordinary.

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Analog TV

Noises, Frequency Glitches


Analog TV

from very short Pulses to very long Frequency Sweeps inside the VHF and UHF Band

Analog TV – Retro Tele Star 4004 Sound Collection

Description: Dive into the nostalgic soundscape of the 1980s with our “Analog TV” Sound Library, featuring the iconic Tele Star 4004 TV, a vintage gem built in Leningrad, Russia. This collection of 99 mono files captures the essence of an era when television was a window to a different world, offering a unique auditory experience.


  • Exclusive collection of 99 mono sound files from the Tele Star 4004, a classic 1980s TV.
  • Pristine recordings made with the renowned Sennheiser MKH8040, directly into the Sound Devices 7series recorder for the highest quality in 24 Bit and 192 kHz.
  • Includes a wide range of TV sounds: from frequency glitches, short pulses, and long frequency sweeps in the VHF and UHF bands, to a variety of static noises and bizarre, extraterrestrial-like sounds.
  • Ideal for creating a vintage atmosphere in audiovisual projects or for use in sound design, offering a glimpse into the analog TV era.

Perfect for: Sound designers, filmmakers, and nostalgia enthusiasts looking to incorporate authentic vintage TV sounds into their projects, or anyone interested in the unique audio characteristics of 1980s television technology.


Product Variations

Medium 44.1khz

  • 99 stereo files
  • 16bit/44.1khz
  • 254 MB (unzipped)
  • metadata
  • Files List

Full 96khz

  • 99 stereo files
  • 24bit/96khz
  • 1.66 GB (unzipped)
  • metadata
  • Files List

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