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The new library is growing. I started editing what i have till now and After 4, 5 hours of cuting and editing, Naming and colouring down the single recordings i have a bunch of 433 Sounds. But hey! This is definetly not the end. I didn¬īt stopped recording. I still have a lot to capture and i¬īm not nearly through the third of the recordings i made till now. So this thing will get huge ūüôā

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A new pack on the horizon

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This is a first Teaser of the upcoming SFX Pack by The Soundcatcher. This time we record what we find in our wardrobes and Closets for a massive Textiles & Clothes Foley Pack. What you see is from our first recording session which mainly focused on Jackets. We try to capture different movement like Soft, Normal and hard (fight) stuff. The traget is, to capture a lot of different movements and handling noises of clothes and textiles.

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