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Let´s evaluate some very importand things regarding YOUR daily work. METADATA

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I´m trying to evaluate some very importand this to make “YOUR” Work much better easier and faster. Let´s Talk about metadata. Everyone of you uses them every day and everyone uses some different Software. In the last days i recognized, that METADATA is not the same METADATA in diferent Software Products. I want to get more clarity on this and i´m asking you for your help. I created just two Questions in a google Document wich seem the most essential in this Metaquestion! Tis is all. Thanks for your Time!, Andreas

“Elevators” Get it on Friday

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The New Mini Pack will be a special Pack here at The Sondcatcher. We recorded over 1 Year for this pack and we will record more in the future. The Good for you, you´ll get free updates if you purchase the product only now for only 20 €.

There will be 45 Stereo recordings from Elevators from the 50`s till today. Over 100 Movement & Metal Impacts, Nearly 50 Driving Scenes and Over 60 Door Slides and Variations.

Check out the Preview !


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The new library is growing. I started editing what i have till now and After 4, 5 hours of cuting and editing, Naming and colouring down the single recordings i have a bunch of 433 Sounds. But hey! This is definetly not the end. I didn´t stopped recording. I still have a lot to capture and i´m not nearly through the third of the recordings i made till now. So this thing will get huge 🙂

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