Seismic Activities

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Seismic Activities – Unique Sound Archive

Description: Dive into the fascinating world of sounds with the “Seismic Activities” Sound Archive. This exclusive collection offers over 2500 unique and meticulously selected noises, captured from the deepest vibrations and resonances of our Earth. Perfect for sound designers, filmmakers, and creatives seeking authentic and versatile sounds.


  • Over 2500 unique sound effects
  • Recorded with high-quality equipment like Sennheiser MKH80, DPA 4060, and Sony DR100
  • Diverse sound structures, from natural phenomena to everyday objects
  • Professional sound quality in 24bit/96khz and 16bit/44.1khz
  • Easy integration with embedded metadata in iXml, BWAV, ID3 Chunk

Ideal for: Sound design, film scoring, multimedia projects, and more. Discover “Seismic Activities” now and enrich your creative works with extraordinary sounds!

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Seismic Activities

It shakes, wobbles, and rattles. Furniture moves, the crockery rattles in the drawer, and the whole structure of the building seem to resonate. An earthquake? Probably.


Seismic Activities

Let´s get ready to Rumble!


The “Seismic Activities” sound archive contains over 2500 different noises from vibrations, shocks, and their resonances.
We have taken the trouble to use a set-up of different natural sounds, such as frequency drops, thunder, or the sound of deep rumbling, to control two structure-borne sound transducers. We have installed these converters in various locations. For example, we were at a company that produces large roller doors. There we shook all sorts of pipes, high racks, tool cabinets, gates, and the like.
In addition, we worked with many household items to create a variety of sound structures, which should make the use of “seismic activities” particularly diverse.
Almost all of the sounds were generated from a multi-channel set-up made up of Sennheiser MKH80 (ORTF), DPA 4060 (AB) and a Sony DR100. So you can expect the best sound quality. As always, a Sounddevices 744T and a Mixpre were used as recording devices.

As always, all files come with burned in metadata in open standards like iXml, BWAV, ID3 Chunk.


Product Variations

  • 2500+ Sound Effects
  • 24bit/96khz
  • 30.29 GB (unzipped)
  • embedded iXML Metadata
  • Files List

  • 2500+ Sound Effects
  • 16bit/44.1khz
  • 17.19 GB (unzipped)
  • embedded iXML Metadata
  • Files List

Product Audio Preview

Extended preview of stereo and mono recordings

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