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Experience the raw energy of rally racing with our Small Rallye Sound Collection. This compact yet vibrant set features a variety of rally sounds, including idle motors, speed-ups, drive-bys, passes, and curves, all expertly recorded in both Stereo (ORTF) and Mono. Each sound file is enriched with professional, burned-in metadata in standard formats like iXml, BWAV, ID3 Chunk, ensuring easy integration into your audio projects. Ideal for creators looking to add authentic rally soundscapes to their work.



The Rallye Mini Library

Experience the Thrill of the Race with Our Rallye Sound Collection! This unique set of recordings captures the essence of a small rally event, offering you an array of dynamic and high-energy motor sounds. From the subtle idling engines to the adrenaline-pumping speed-ups, drive-bys, passes, and curves, this collection is a treasure trove for any sound enthusiast or professional.

Rich and Dynamic Soundscapes: Each sound has been recorded in both Stereo (ORTF) and Mono, providing you with a variety of auditory perspectives. Whether you’re looking for the immersive feel of stereo or the focused intensity of mono recordings, this collection has it all.

Highlights of the Collection:

  • Idle Motors: Feel the anticipation with the subtle, yet powerful idling of rally engines.
  • Speed Ups: Experience the surge of power as engines roar to life and speed up.
  • Drive Bys and Passes: Immerse yourself in the action with the sounds of cars whizzing past, offering a real sense of speed and motion.
  • Curves: Capture the drama of tight turns and the skill of drivers navigating challenging rally courses.

Video Preview and More: While the video preview only shows the start of the race due to a camera malfunction, rest assured that the audio collection is comprehensive. It includes a variety of pass-bys, all recorded in both stereo and mono, following the cars as they maneuver through the course.

Professional Quality and Easy Integration: As with all our collections, the Rallye Sound Collection comes with burned-in metadata in open standards like iXml, BWAV, ID3 Chunk. This ensures easy integration and management in your projects, saving you time and enhancing your workflow.

Perfect for a Range of Projects: Whether you’re working on a film, a video game, a simulation, or any project that requires authentic rally sounds, this collection is an invaluable resource. The Rallye Sound Collection brings the excitement and intensity of a rally race right to your fingertips.


Product Variations

  • 116 sfx
  • 59+ minutes
  • 24bit/96khz
  • 1.56 GB (unzipped)
  • embedded iXML Metadata
  • Files List

Product Video

Product Audio Preview

Extended preview of stereo and mono recordings

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